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| Jan 2, 2020 | Vessel Sinkings

New information is being reported relating to the sinking of the Scandies Rose on New Years Eve.   Sadly five crewmen are now lost and presumed drown. The Coast Guard has identified the missing crewmen as including the vessel Master, Gary Cobban and his son David Cobban. Also among the missing are crewmen Arthur Ganacias, Brock Rainey and Seth Rousseau. The two surviving crewmen were identified as Dean Gribble and John Lawler.

New reports indicate the vessel was heading into gale force winds and was experiencing icing conditions. Icing on vessel of this type can cause added weight and move the vessel’s center of gravity upwards exposing the vessel to loss of stability. The Captain of the Scandies Rose had called friends via satellite phone in the hours before the sinking indicating the vessel was icing and had taken on a list. According to the news reports the Captain did not seem concerned about the icing conditions and was looking for shelter from the storm conditions. Icing conditions are frequently encountered by crab fishing vessels such as the Scandies Rose.

The Coast Guard has indicated they will be further investigating the incident. The Coast Guard casualty investigation will attempt to determine the cause of the sinking and to provide information about how sinkings of this type may be prevented in the future.