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| Feb 22, 2021 | Injuries to Crewman


A 45-year-old crewman on the Alaska Ocean has suffered a crushed arm requiring helicopter evacuation.   The serious injury happened 30 miles northeast of Cold Bay.  The ALASKA OCEAN contacted Health Force Partners for advice who recommended evacuation by the Coast Guard.  A helicopter airlifted the injured crewman to Cold Bay, and he was subsequently flown out to Alaska.  The Alaska Ocean is the largest catcher/processor vessel in the US fleet. The Alaska Ocean is operated by Seattle based Glacier Fish Company.  The cause of this most recent accident is unknown at this time.

Federal Maritime Law covers injury accidents involving Alaska commercial fishermen.  Under Federal law the vessel must arrange for medical evacuation of injured fishermen. The vessel owner must pay for all reasonable medical expenses related to a crewman’s injury.  The Jones Act provides compensation to fishermen who are injured by negligence of the employer or fellow crewmen.