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| Feb 2, 2022 | Injuries to Crewman

An injured crewman from O’Hara fishing vessel Constellation was airlifted from the vessel Monday.  Few details of the accident are currently available; however, early reports indicate the crewman suffered serious injuries to his arm when a hatch was closed upon him.  At the time of the injury the vessel was fishing near St. Paul Island. Winds were measured at 44 mph with 10-foot seas.  After the Coast Guard helicopter brought the injured crewman to St. Paul, a Guardian flight transported the crewman to Anchorage for emergency medical attention.

The 169-foot Constellation is part of a fleet of Alaska ground fishing vessels owned by the Seattle based O’Hara Corporation. O’Hara is one of the oldest fishing companies in the United States. Other vessel owned by O’Hara include the Araho, Enterprise, Defender, and the Alaska Spirit.

Unfortunately, many Alaska fishermen’s fishing careers end with injuries that could have been prevented if proper safety procedures had been followed. Injured Alaska fishermen and fish processors are entitled to maritime benefits under Federal Maritime Law. The vessel owner owes each crewman a safe place to work and a seaworthy vessel. Benefits under the maintenance and cure doctrine include payment of all reasonable and necessary medical care, payment of wages until the end of the crewman’s contract, and payment of a daily living allowance (maintenance) while the crewman is recovering from their injuries.

The Jones Act provides important compensation for injured fishermen who are injured by negligence of the employer. Under the Jones Act and the unseaworthiness doctrine an injured seaman may receive compensation for past and future lost earnings and lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, disfigurement, medical expenses and more.

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