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Millions Recovered For Crewmen Injured In Cargo Handling Accidents

When moving cargo aboard a ship or fish processing vessel, defective equipment, improper safety procedures or a fellow crewman’s negligence can quickly result in a career-ending injury. Maritime injury lawyer James M. Beard and his partners at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for crewmen injured in cargo handling accidents.

Unfortunately, crewmen are far too frequently injured loading and unloading cargo from ships, fishing vessels, and fish processing vessels. Where those injuries are caused by negligence or unseaworthiness, the injured crewman is entitled to compensation under federal maritime laws.

A vessel owner and the crewman’s employer owe each crewman aboard the vessel a safe place to work. This includes providing proper equipment and manpower to safely load and unload the ship’s cargo. Speed of operations should never be given a priority over the crewman’s safety. All cargo handling injuries to crewmen could be prevented if proper equipment and training were provided, and proper safety procedures were followed. Never accept blame for an injury accident that wasn’t your fault.

We Are Always On The Side Of The Injured Worker

Throughout his 30-year career, maritime injury lawyer James Beard has represented many crewmen who have been injured in cargo handling accidents. Let him put his experience in past cases to work for you. Beard obtained a $3.5 million settlement for a crewman injured when a crane failed aboard a barge. He recovered $1 million for a crewman cleaning a barge after cargo operations. Don’t settle your claim for less compensation than you deserve.

The experienced maritime injury lawyers of Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, handle wrongful death cases for crewmen who died as a result of the overloading of cargo holds. They represent crewmen who have suffered injured backs, broken legs, damaged knees, and closed head injuries stacking crab pots. They have litigated many cases involving slip-and-falls in the cargo holds of fish processors. Beard and his team represent crewmen in cargo hold and product lifting injury claims, cargo net accidents, container accidents, ladder accidents, flying forks, crane accidents, defective hooks and cargo rigging, loading barges, loading and unloading cargo and materials from ships.

You May Be Entitled To Compensation For Your Injuries

Because of the high risk of injury in handling cargo, the vessel employer and vessel owner should take special safety precautions to prevent cargo hold accidents. A job hazard analysis assessment should be completed for each task involved in the cargo handling operations. Crewmen must be properly trained in all safety aspects of their cargo handling jobs. Injured crewmen who have reported a back or other injury doing cargo operations should have a proper medical assessment before they are returned to full work duties.

When crewmen are injured as the result of negligence while handling cargo, they are entitled to damage compensation under the Jones Act and the general maritime law. An injured crewman is entitled to claim the benefits of maintenance, cure and unearned wages, and has the right to claim for damages for past and future lost wages, lost wage-earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and vocational retraining expenses.

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Federal law protects your right to make claims for injuries caused by negligence or unseaworthiness of your vessel. Learn about your rights to compensation under the Jones Act.

If you have been seriously injured in a cargo handling operation, contact an experienced maritime injury lawyer to discuss your claim. Beard and his partners at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, are available to discuss your claim with you free of charge. Call us at 425-403-1900 or fill out our online contact form today.