Maritime Wrongful Death Claims

Maritime Wrongful Death Claims Lawyer
Representing the families of crewmen who have died working aboard ships and fishing vessels at sea – Death on the High Seas Act Claims – Maritime wrongful death claims – DOHSA Jones Act Claims for Death – Toll Free 1-800-621-1091

For over 30 years, James Beard has been representing the families of crewmen who have died while working at sea. Beard is one of the most experienced lawyers in the nation when it comes to handling maritime wrongful death cases. He understands the complexities of Federal maritime laws such as the Jones Act, Death On High Seas Act, and the Limitation of Liability Act, and protects the rights of families to receive fair and full compensation as the result of deaths caused by shipboard negligence or unseaworthiness. Beard has handled such high-profile vessel sinking cases as the Aleutian Enterprise, Alaska Ranger, Arctic Rose, Amber Dawn, Katmai, Galaxy, Pacesetter, Lady Cecelia, and many others. His past experience allows him to thoroughly investigate the facts to attempt to determine the cause of an accident or why a vessel sank.

Beard and his partners at Trueb & Beard, LLC show a special compassion for their clients. They understand how a death of a crewman impacts the family for the rest of their lives emotionally and economically. Beard's entire career has worked to get fair and full compensation for the children of seamen who lost their lives at sea. Beard understands the complex family relationships that exist between fishermen and their families.

From the moment the vessel owner’s insurance company learns of the death of a crewman, they begin a sophisticated campaign to limit the amount of damages they will have to pay to settle your claim. Don’t trust an insurance company to treat you fairly, without the benefit of a qualified and experienced maritime injury lawyer on your side. Making good decisions for your family after the loss of a crewman at sea is difficult when you are grieving and suffering from emotional injuries. Never sign a release or agree to a settlement of a wrongful death claim until you have consulted with an experienced maritime injury lawyer.

Who is entitled to claim damages for the death of a seaman involves interpretation of Federal statutes. Wives, children, (including children by former marriages), parents, and dependent relatives all have potential damage claims under Federal maritime law. At present, a seaman’s surviving family members cannot recover for loss of the love and affection and loss of society of the deceased crewman. However, children of the deceased crewman are entitled to claim damages for the loss of their parent’s care, nurture and guidance.

Beard has handled more than 30 maritime death cases. To establish liability for a crewman’s death, Beard utilizes some of the leading experts in the country on issues of marine accident reconstruction, marine safety, naval architecture, seamanship, engineering, navigation, and vessel stability. Beard has been on the cutting edge of maritime death damages, concentrating on expanding remedies utilizing experts in the fields of pathology, hypothermia, child psychology, and economics.

Beard and his partners at Trueb & Beard, LLC are always on the crewman’s side in wrongful death cases. They do not represent fishing companies or their insurance companies. They are available to discuss wrongful death claims for crewmen at no charge to the family. They can be reached toll free at 1-800-621-1091. They are lawyers who understand fishermen and the jobs they do. Over 75 years of combined experience, they have proven they can get fair results for their clients in maritime wrongful death cases.