Tacoma Maritime Injury Claims

Millions Recovered For Injured Tacoma Seamen, Commercial Fishermen, and Fish Processors

Jones Act, maritime and admiralty lawyer James Beard represents Tacoma-based seamen, commercial fishermen and fish processors in injury claims under Federal maritime law. Beard’s maritime practice focuses on representing injured crewmen in claims under the Jones Act. Beard is the lawyer trusted by commercial fishermen and fish processors. For 30 years he has successfully represented injured crewmen, fishermen, and fish processors located throughout the Pacific Northwest. His clients live throughout the four corners of the State of Washington. Washington’s shipping and Alaska fishing fleet are concentrated in the Seattle and Tacoma area.

If you have been injured working as a crewman aboard any type of vessel, contact Beard and his partners at Trueb & Beard, LLC to learn about your rights to compensation under Federal maritime law. They have helped Tacoma seamen who have been injured aboard all types of vessels including ships, ferries, commercial diving boats, tugs and barges, fishing vessels, and fish processing vessels.

Under Federal maritime law, a crewman who has seaman status is entitled in almost all cases to receive maintenance and cure benefits. Maintenance and cure benefits are no fault benefits that provide medical coverage and a basic living allowance to injured crewmen while they are recovering from their injuries. Beard helps his clients get the medical treatment they need. An injured crewman shouldn’t be pressured into returning to work too early in their recovery.

In cases involving negligence and unseaworthiness, an injured crewman has claims under the Jones Act and the general maritime law. Under the Jones Act and the unseaworthiness doctrine, an injured crewman can claim damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, and lost future earning capacity. If you have suffered a permanent injury that will impact your ability to return to work as at sea, it is recommended you contact an experienced maritime lawyer to represent you as soon as possible after your injury. An experienced Jones Act lawyer will level the playing field when dealing with the vessel’s insurance company.

The Northwest Seaport Alliance is a marine cargo operation partnership between the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle. The NWSA is the fourth largest container handling port in North America.

As part of his practice, Beard handles 905(b) injury claims for Tacoma and Seattle longshore and harbor workers who have been injured by ship negligence. 905(b) claims are among the most challenging maritime injury claims. In serious injury claims involving longshoremen injured by ship negligence, Beard works in combination with experienced Longshore Harbor and Workers’ Compensation Act attorneys to attempt to maximize the recovery for longshoremen and harbor workers utilizing Section 905(b) of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

When Beard tells you that you have a good legal claim for damages, that opinion is based upon 30 years of experience representing injured seamen and maritime workers. Beard and his partners at Trueb & Beard, LLC represents injured maritime workers on a contingency fee basis. Under a contingency fee agreement, you pay no fee until your case is successfully completed. If there is no recovery, you owe no attorney fees. Call Trueb & Beard, LLC at 1-800-622-1091 to discuss your case. They are always on the side of the injured worker.