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Tug Boat Injuries

Maritime Injury Lawyer Representing Barge Tug and Towboat Crewmen. Millions in Compensation Recovered for Jones Act Seamen.

Crewmen who are injured working aboard barges, tugs, and towboats are protected by Federal maritime laws. Maritime injury lawyer James Beard has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for Jones Act seamen who have been injured working aboard barges, tugs and towboats. Beard’s experience includes recovering $3.5 million for a head injury suffered by a crewman working on a barge, $1.6 million for a tugboat deckhand ankle injury, and $1 million for a towboat deckhand neck injury. Beard has represented injured seamen in claims big and small for over 30 years. If you have been seriously injured, contact Beard and his partners at Johnson Beard & Trueb PC to discuss your maritime injury claim at 1-800-621-1091.

Crewmen injured on barges, tugs and towboats have legal standing to make claims under the Jones Act. The Jones Act allows a crewman to file suit against his employer for negligence, and the negligence of the captain and crew of the vessel. The Jones Act is a fault based system; you must prove some degree of negligence to recover under the Jones Act. The negligence needed to support a claim for damages needs to only be slight. The legal duties your employer owes you include the duty to provide a reasonably safe place to work and a properly manned vessel with a properly trained crew. Defective equipment and unsafe work procedures may be the basis of negligence claims.

Compensatory damages available under the Jones Act include money damages for future lost earning capacity, past and future lost wages, medical expenses, compensation for pain and suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of life. Serious injuries impact a seaman’s quality of life and ability to do everyday tasks that the crewman routinely did before his injury. When a crewman has suffered serious injuries, he must be compensated for all of these injuries. Injury claims under the Jones Act are frequently joined with claims under the General Maritime law unseaworthiness doctrine. To be seaworthy, a vessel must be reasonably fit for its purpose and use. A piece of vessel’s equipment that fails under normal and expected use is presumed to be unseaworthy. Together, the Jones Act and the unseaworthiness doctrine are powerful laws that allow injured tug and towboat crewmen to recover for their injuries.

It is important that all injured crewmen understand their rights under Federal maritime law. Never sign a release for a serious injury claim without consulting an experienced maritime lawyer. Don’t guess about the value of your claim, and never accept blame for an injury accident that wasn’t your fault. Don’t settle for partial compensation - partial compensation is only partial justice. The plain fact is that most accidents aboard barges, tugs, and towboats could be prevented if proper safety procedures were followed, proper equipment provided, and the crew properly trained.

Beard understands your job duties aboard tugs and barges. He has handled all types of tug and barge cases including claims involving tow lines, mooring accidents, gangways, transiting between vessels, slip and falls, lashing accidents, cargo handling accidents, injuries caused by chain binders, towing accidents, man overboard wrongful deaths, engine room injuries, and lifting and carrying accidents.

Beard understands that the work aboard tugs, towing vessels, and barges is demanding and dangerous work. He understands how your injuries may impact your ability to do your job in the future. Getting you good medical care is a priority with Beard. In most cases, it is possible for an injured crewman to continue working at sea after he/she has recovered from his/her injuries. Beard works with your doctors and medical experts to determine the extent of your injuries to be sure that it is safe to continue working aboard your vessel. In those cases where you are unable to continue working at sea, Beard will work to get you the financial compensation you deserve for all your injuries, including your future lost earning capacity.

When you are seriously injured at sea, you and your family’s future depends on getting fair compensation for your injuries. Never trust the employer or vessel owner’s insurance company to deal with you fairly. Within hours of your injury being reported, the insurance company begins working to defeat your claim. Shouldn’t you have an experienced maritime lawyer on your side to protect your legal rights? Contact Beard and his partners at Johnson Beard & Trueb PC for a free consultation to discuss your case at 1-800-621-1091.