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Maritime Wrongful Death Claims. Millions recovered for injured Fishermen and crewmen. 30 Years of maritime law experience.

Maritime lawyer James Beard has been representing injured crewmen and commercial fishermen for over 30 years. Its practice emphasizes commercial fishing accident injuries and fishing vessel sinkings in Alaska, Washington and Oregon. If you have been injured through negligence, you have a right to compensation under the Jones Act. Let Beard and his partners at Trueb & Beard, LLC get you the fair compensation for your injuries you are entitled to under Federal maritime law. Beard has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their clients located throughout the country.

A moment of negligence can cause an injury to a crewman that impacts him and his family for the rest of their lives. Beard can protect your rights to compensation and prevent the big insurance companies and maritime employers from taking advantage of you. As soon as you are injured, the vessel owner, your employer, and their insurance company begin work to minimize the amount of compensation they have to pay you as a result of your injuries.

As a seaman or commercial fisherman, you have rights to compensation for your injuries under Federal maritime law. Your basic rights include the employer’s obligation to pay maintenance and cure benefits. In almost all cases, the employer must pay all your reasonable and necessary medical bills and a daily living allowance while you are recovering from your injuries.

Don’t guess about your rights to compensation under the Jones Act and the maritime law. If you have suffered a serious injury while working aboard a ship or fishing vessel at sea, contact Beard and his partners at Trueb & Beard, LLC at 1-800-621-1091 for a free initial consultation about your potential claim. Beard’s experience allows him to quickly spot the important factual and legal issues in your case. It is important for you to fully understand your rights to maintenance and cure benefits. Never sign a release or agree to limit your rights to compensation without first consulting with a qualified maritime injury lawyer.

Without knowing their rights under maritime law and the Jones Act, many crewmen injured aboard ship make the mistake of admitting fault for a maritime injury accident that is the responsibility of the employer and vessel owner. Your employer owes you a duty under Federal maritime law to provide you a seaworthy vessel and to provide a safe place to work. Crew aboard the vessel must be properly trained, and all of the ship’s equipment must be in safe working order and condition. Machinery and fishing equipment must be properly guarded to prevent injury.

Beard and his partner Lanning Trueb understand how injury accidents happen to crewmen working aboard ships and fishing vessels at sea. The fact is almost all injury accidents aboard vessels can be prevented if proper safety steps are followed to protect the crewmen. Years of experience has taught Beard how maritime injury accidents can be prevented. When a crewman is injured working at sea, Beard knows how to get the crewman fair compensation for those injuries.

Beard's experience includes litigating maritime wrongful death claims for the families of crewmen lost in the sinkings of the Aleutian Enterprise, Arctic Rose, Alaska Ranger, and Katmai. Beard has special compassion and understanding for the losses that families suffer when a crewmen needlessly dies while working at sea. Beard has litigated many Death On the High Seas Act cases and has repeatedly defeated vessel owners’ Petitions for Limitation of Liability.

Beard can navigate the complex laws and rules relating to protecting minors’ rights to compensation. He has a special interest in protecting the interests of children who have lost a parent in a maritime accident. He has been on the cutting edge of raising the value of children’s rights to compensation for a parent’s death. Developing evidence of why a vessel sank requires a thorough investigation and understanding of complex maritime laws. Beard has employed experts in marine safety, naval architecture, meteorology, oceanography, marine engineering, maritime medicine, economists, and child psychologists, to prove damages for families in maritime wrongful death cases.

Beard and his partners have represented crewmen with all types of injuries. Working with you and your doctor to understand the nature and future impact of your injuries is important to evaluating the value of your claim. Beard has successfully litigated cases involving many serious injuries including brain injuries; amputations; spinal surgery; joint replacement; burns; seizures; ankle, knee, wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries; post concussive injuries; balance disorders; repetitive stress; lost vision; chronic pain; complex regional pain syndrome; and spinal cord stimulators. Beard understands your injuries and how they impact your life and your ability to work in the future.

Beard is licensed to practice law in Alaska,Washington and Oregon. Beard has two office locations to serve you; his offices are located in Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington. He represents clients on a contingency fee basis. There are no legal fees unless he successfully recovers compensation for you. Call Beard to arrange for a fee initial consultation about your maritime injury and Jones Act claim at toll free 1-800- 621-1091.

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