Millions Recovered For Injured Commercial Fishermen And Seamen

$5.5 Million

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$5 Million

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$3.5 Million

Trawl Deck Leg Injury

$3.3 Million

Log Barge Head Injury

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The experienced maritime injury and wrongful death attorneys of Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, have over 80 combined years of experience representing injured crewmen and commercial fishermen throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our team can help you get the financial compensation you are entitled to for your injuries under federal maritime law. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients located throughout the country.

We work diligently to protect your rights to compensation and prevent the big insurance companies and maritime employers from taking advantage of you. As soon as you are injured, the vessel owner, your employer and their insurance companies begin work to minimize the amount of compensation they have to pay you for your injuries. With us on your side, we can work to prevent that from happening.

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The attorneys at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP are highly-regarded and respected with decades of maritime law experience. Our experience allows us to quickly spot important factual and legal issues in your case. We understand how injury accidents happen to crewmen working aboard ships and fishing vessels at sea and know how to get them fair compensation for those injuries.

Our attorneys’ experience includes litigating maritime wrongful death claims for the families of crewmen lost in the sinkings of the Aleutian Enterprise, Arctic Rose, Alaska Ranger and Katmai. We have special compassion and understanding for the losses that families suffer when a crewman needlessly dies while working at sea. We have litigated many “Death on the High Seas Act” cases and have repeatedly defeated vessel owners’ petitions to limit liability. Our maritime lawyers have the guts to stand up and protect your rights.

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Ship tie down

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You have a right to compensation under the Jones Act if you have been injured through negligence.

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