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Coast Guard Searches for Missing Crewman in Auke Bay

| Aug 15, 2016 | Alaska Fishing News

An Alaska crewman was discovered missing from the tender Beaufort Sea on Sunday.   The 27 year old crewman whose name is being withheld was last seen sleeping alone on the deck of the tender at around six o’clock in the morning. He was noticed to be missing about five your later. Although the circumstances which have caused the crewman to go missing are unclear, the Coast Guard is operating under the assumption the crewman fell overboard. The Coast Guard has been searching the area with three Coast Guard cutters and a helicopter. The crewman was reported to not have been wearing a work vest or life jacket. The Beaufort Sea is described in news reports as a 60 foot tendering vessel. The Sunday accident occurred near Juneau Alaska. There were no witnesses to the possible accident and details about the incident are limited at this time. Hope for a favorable outcome remain.

Many employers and vessel owners now require their crewman to wear work vests and/or life jackets when working on decks. Use of personal floatation devices greatly increased the probability of a crewman surviving a fall over board, capsizing or vessel sinking.