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Presumptive Death Hearing Held for Missing F/V DESTINATION Crewmen

| Mar 23, 2017 | Vessel Sinkings

An Alaska Court has held a presumptive death hearing declaring the six-missing crewmen from the F/V DESTINATION lost at sea and presumed dead. The ruling allows the families of the crewman to obtain official death certificates necessary for administering the estates and pursuing legal claims and benefits relating to the deaths of the crewmen.

The vessel with six crewmen on board disappeared on February 11, 2017 approximately two miles north of St. George Island. No mayday message was issued by the vessel and only small amounts of wreckage were located. The Coast Guard was alerted that the vessel was in trouble when it received an EPIRB signal.  Despite search and rescue efforts, no trace of the six-missing crewmen has been found.

Memorial Services for the missing crewman are to be held on March 23rd in the Seattle area. Missing and presumed dead are Raymond Vincler, Larry o’Grady, Charles Jones, Darrik Seibold, Kai Hamik and captain of the vessel Jeff Hathaway.

Investigators and maritime lawyers are beginning the difficult task of  gathering evidence about the cause of the sinking of the F/ V DESTINATION. The United States Coast Guard has announced they will conduct a Marine Board of Investigation into the sinking of the vessel. The 110 foot vessel was reportedly loaded with crab gear and had left port in Dutch Harbor to commence the crab season. Initial focus of the casualty investigation will include loading of the vessel, the vessel’s stability report, and mechanical up keep and structural condition of the vessel.