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What are common dangers for commercial fishermen in Washington?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Compensation for Deckhands and Injured Fishermen, Maritime Claims, Maritime Law

Commercial fishing is a major industry in Washington State, across the Pacific Northwest and all the way to Alaska. The work itself is physically and mentally taxing. There are inherent dangers when on the sea working a fishing vessel.

Despite that, workers may not be fully cognizant of some of the dangers they may face. To make matters worse, their employers could be lax in providing all the necessary safety training and equipment to ensure that they prevent accidents with injuries and death.

Researchers analyze hazards to try and find solutions. Workers should know the potential problems they may be confronted with and have assistance if an unfortunate incident does cause injuries or worse.

Accumulated data show risk factors for commercial fishing in the Pacific Northwest

A project called RISC Fishing estimated the chance of injuries and what factors might cause them for fishing vessels. The objective was to give fisheries the information they needed to make sound choices to enhance safety. The statistics showed where the dangers were and how severely workers were injured.

The research for the project is ongoing, but the information accrued thus far is extensive. Between 2000 and 2018, the researchers looked at 245 non-fatal accidents. The most common accidents with injuries were workers being hit by heavy objects; fishing gear causing injuries; moving heavy loads; being hit by objects that were not locked down; and transportation accidents.

Vessels themselves were damaged when they hit rocks or the bottom of the sea. Other problems were explosions or fires. Crews frequently needed to abandon ship to get into the water. Some workers slipped, tripped and fell. Ninety-three workers lost their lives in the years that were studied.

After a commercial fishing injury, having knowledgeable help can be key to a case

Maritime workers place themselves in jeopardy every time they head out on the water to do their jobs. The amount of work that goes into a commercial fishing operation makes it necessary to have a well-stocked crew. That goes beyond the fishermen and extends to deckhands and other critical employees.

When these workers are injured on the job, their entire livelihood is at stake. This makes it vital to have comprehensive advice from professionals who are dedicated to the clients, their well-being, know how to maximize their compensation and get the care they need. Not only do maritime accidents impact workers, but it also involves their families.

In these situations, it is not uncommon for there to be disputes about what happened, disagreements about the severity of the injuries and questions on the need for long-term care and treatment. Consulting with those who have 80 years of combined experience in maritime claims and commercial fishing accidents focuses on them and know the workers and the terminology can be essential with a successful case for compensation.