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Skilled Maritime Injury Lawyers For Injured Bering Sea Fishermen

Crewmen working aboard fishing vessels in the Bering Sea have the most dangerous jobs in the world. Each year the extreme weather conditions of the Bering Sea cause fishing boats to sink and fishermen and fish processors to be lost. Proper safety equipment and crew training is the key to survival when a fishing boat is in trouble and in danger of sinking.

The reality is that most fishing vessel sinkings in the Bering Sea are preventable if proper vessel maintenance is followed and proper safety equipment and training is provided. The captain of a Bering Sea fishing vessel must constantly monitor the weather forecast to protect his vessel from severe weather that may lead to the vessel capsizing and sinking. The lives of Alaska fishing boat crewmen should never be risked fishing in heavy weather to make a few dollars more for a vessel owner. Alaska and Bering Sea fishing vessels, unfortunately, fail far too often to put safety first and take needless risks that expose their crewmen to death and injury.

Millions Recovered For Maritime Wrongful Death Claims

For the past 30 years, maritime injury lawyer James Beard has been representing the families of crewmen lost at sea in fishing vessel sinkings. He represents his clients with compassion and understands the pain and suffering of losing a spouse, parent, or child.

Beard is recognized as one of the most experienced maritime lawyers in the Northwest in representing the families of crewmen who have died while working in the Bering Sea. His experience includes representing the families of crewmen lost in Alaska fishing boat accidents such as the sinkings of the Aleutian Enterprise, Arctic Rose, Pacesetter, Amber Dawn, Pacific Apollo, Galaxy, Alaska Ranger, Katmai and others. Beard and his partners at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, have recovered millions of dollars in maritime wrongful death damages for his clients located throughout the United States.

We Have Over 80 Years Of Combined Maritime Injury Law Experience

Experience matters when it comes to successfully representing the wives, children and parents of fishermen killed in Alaska Bering Sea fishing accidents. Beard and his team haven’t just handled a few maritime cases, they’ve handled hundreds. We will protect your rights under the Jones Act, the general maritime law and the Death on the High Seas Act. Our past experiences give us unique abilities and the understanding necessary to investigate and prove why a Bering Sea fishing vessel capsized and sank.

Our maritime injury law attorneys believe it is important to begin investigating the cause of a fishing vessel sinking as soon as possible after the vessel sinks. Don’t trust the insurance company to deal fairly with you. The insurance adjuster is working for the insurance company and is trying to limit the amount of money that will need to be paid to you for compensation. If you have questions about your rights to compensation following the death of a crewman on an Alaska fishing vessel, consult with an experienced maritime injury lawyer to learn about your rights. Beard and his partners at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, provide free consultations to help you understand the complex laws which may govern your claim.

We Know The Commercial Fishing Industry And The Law

Complex federal maritime laws govern fishing vessel sinking cases in the Bering Sea. Where it can be shown that the vessel sank as the result of unseaworthiness, neglected maintenance and repairs, or negligent operation of the vessel, the families of Alaska fishermen killed working in the Bering Sea are entitled to compensatory damages. These damages may include compensation for predeath pain and suffering; loss of economic support; and loss of care, nurture and guidance to the deceased children.

Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, understands how the death of an Alaska fisherman impacts the deceased crewman’s family for the rest of their lives. The family of every crewman who dies while working in the Bering Sea deserves to have an experienced maritime injury lawyer protecting their rights to fair compensation. For a free consultation, call 425-403-1900 or send us a message online today.