Sexual Assault

Crewman sexual assault maritime injury claims – Federal Maritime Law Injury Lawyer
Learn about your rights to compensation for sexual assault aboard commercial fishing vessels and fish processing vessels.

If you have been sexually assaulted or raped while working as a crewman aboard a commercial fishing vessel or fish processing vessel, contact maritime injury lawyer James Beard to learn about your rights to compensation under Federal maritime law. Beard has been successfully representing injured crewmen his entire legal career. He is never on the side of the employer, ship owner or their insurance companies.

The fact is that sexual assaults are far too common aboard commercial fishing and fish processing vessels. A violent attack by a fellow crewman or vessel supervisor should be criminally and civilly prosecuted. Physical injuries can heal, but the psychological consequences of a sexual assault can last a lifetime. An experienced maritime injury lawyer can help you get the treatment you need following a sexual assault. It is important to report the sexual assault and to begin an early investigation to preserve evidence and take statements necessary to prove your case.

Every crewman aboard a vessel is entitled to a safe place to work, and this includes the right to be safe from sexual assault and rape. Reasonable safety and security steps must be taken by the vessel owner to prevent sexual assaults from happening. Complaints must be investigated, and dangerous crewmen fired. The vessel owner and the crewman’s employer have the duty to watch for warning signs that one of their crewmen may have violent tendencies. Does the assailant have a history of prior violence, belligerent character, or abuse of alcohol or drugs? Have there been prior complaints about the crewman? You can’t choose who you work with on a factory trawler or fish processor.

Where a crewman assaults a fellow crewman, the vessel may be found to be unseaworthy when a crewman has a violent disposition. A vessel is unseaworthy when one of its crewmen is a violent sexual predator. The employer owes you a duty to watch for signals and warning signs that a crewman may present a danger to his fellow crewman. An employer or vessel owner that ignores warning signs which could have prevented a sexual assault is negligent and should be held accountable.

Beard and his partners at Trueb & Beard, LLC understand work aboard commercial fishing vessels, and that work does not include sexual assault or rape. They understand the strength and courage it takes for a sexual assault victim to come forward and make an injury claim.

As an injured crewman, you have the right to make claims under the Jones Act and the general maritime law. Under these federal laws you can be compensated for medical bills, psychological damages, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. If you have questions about your rights under Federal maritime law to receive compensation for sexual assault, contact an experienced maritime injury lawyer to discuss your claim. Beard has been helping crewmen hold employers and vessel owners responsible for injuries aboard their vessels for over 30 years.

Beard and his partners at Trueb & Beard, LLC serve all of their clients with compassion for their injuries. You can hire Trueb & Beard, LLC on a contingency fee basis. Under a contingency fee agreement, you owe no fees to the attorney unless there is a recovery in your case. Call them toll free to discuss your claim at 1-800-621-1091.