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Verdicts & Settlements

Million Dollar Results
Experienced Alaska, Washington and Oregon maritime injury and death lawyers. Millions of dollars in damages recovered for injured Seamen, Fishermen, and Fish Processors. Million dollar Jones Act Claims.

Experience does matter when it comes to selecting a maritime injury law firm to represent you. Maritime lawyer James Beard has been representing injured commercial fishermen and seamen for over 30 years. He has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for his injured clients located throughout the United States. He has successfully handled a number of cases that others lawyers thought could not be won.

Beard has been obtaining million dollar results for his clients for over 30 years. He has sued the biggest fishing companies and towing companies and taken on the largest insurance companies in the world. Beard has been willing to take on the challenges of big cases involving difficult liability and damage issues. Obtaining a million dollar settlement requires serious injuries, and it requires hard work and preparation from your lawyer to establish your right to damages.

Beard’s past results demonstrate his experience in handling major maritime injury cases. He can put his success in those cases to work for you whether your case is big or small. Not every case is a million dollar claim, and Beard has successfully represented hundreds of injured seamen and fishermen who have claims ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obtaining a fair result for an injured fisherman with an injured shoulder or back who is suffering from chronic pain can be far more difficult that obtaining a million dollar settlement for a catastrophically injured crewman. Beard strives to get a fair result for all of his clients, whether their cases are big or small.

Nearly 20 years ago Beard, began building a law firm that was experienced in handling major million dollar personal injury and death cases. In 2016, Beard began another phase of his career. He now accepts a few select cases each year, giving his clients personal attention, and applies his 30 years of experience to attempting to get fair compensation. His new offices are located on Lake Washington a few minutes from downtown Seattle.

Some of Beard’s past results include:

6.8 MillionAlaska Fishing Boat Sinking
Wrongful Deaths Settlement
3.5 MillionNegligent Medical Treatment Aboard Fishing Vessel
Alaska Fish Processor
3.3 MillionDeckhand Closed Head Injury
Defective Crane On Barge
2.5 MillionFish Processor Hand Injury
Failure to Guard Fish Header
2.1 MillionAttempted suicide – medical negligence wrongful death
1.7 MillionAlaska Factory Trawler – Defective Construction of Deck
Head Injury
1.7 MillionMaritime Wrongful Death
Lack of Safety Training
1.6 MillionAttempted Suicide Following Head Injury
Alaska Crab Boat Deckhand
1.5 MillionAlaska Fishing Boat Sinking
1.35 MillionAlaska Deckhand Fishing Accident
Lack of Safety Procedures To Protect Crew
1.3 MillionAlaska Crab Fisherman – Back and Internal Injuries
Negligent Operation of Fishing Equipment
1.2 millionAlaska Crab Fisherman - Deckhand Injury
Jones Act Negligence - Pain and Suffering
1 MillionAlaska Fish Processor
Low Back Lifting Injury
1 MillionAlaska Salmon Fisherman Concussion
Head Injury
1 MillionNeck Injury Fusion
Deck Hand On Barge
1 MillionFish Processor Suicide
1 MillionWrongful Death
Alaska Crab Boat Deckhand
1 MillionOregon Crab Boat Sinking
1 MillionMaritime Wrongful Death
1 MillionFish Processor Head Injury
1 MillionOregon Deckhand Head Injury

Beard represents clients on a contingency fee basis and advances the costs associated with litigation. If there is no recovery, you owe Beard no fees. If you have suffered a serious injury working aboard a vessel at sea, contact Beard to discuss your claim. Beard is always on the side of the injured worker and never represents vessel owners or their insurance companies. Call toll free 1-800-621-1091 to talk with Beard about your case.

Past results are no guarantee of what result we may obtain in your case. Each case has unique facts, applicable laws and available defenses that affect outcomes on a case by case basis.